Game of Thrones 4

For season 4, we brought a second artist on board in response to the show’s ever increasing demand for high quality output in a very short timespan.

Robert Simon designed most of the fantastic creatures, as well as the two final episodes, which were bursting with visual effects. Additional support was given by the karakter team in Berlin. Our efforts were rewarded with yet another Emmy Award.


Tobias Mannewitz – VFX Concept Artist
Robert Simon – VFX Concept Artist
Floris Didden – VFX Concept Artist
Henrik Bolle – VFX Concept Artist

The set we had available for Moat Cailin did not match the description in the books, but it gave us the opportunity to design the castle after a Motte and Bailey model, which is not just a nice phonetic match, but also a castle type that fits the world perfectly.TOBIAS MANNEWITZ, VFX CONCEPT ARTIST
Karakter is our go to for concepts on GoT VFX. Gorgeous work! STEVE kullback VFX Producer
The artists at Karakter are an indispensable part of the success of GoT VFX. It is this talent team that brings so much to what we do, from environments, to compelling structures, to fantastical characters that burn indelibly into the brain. It is both the logic and beauty of their design that leaves a lasting impression.JOE BAUER, VFX SUPERVISOR
The visual design of the wights had to tell a story, so everything had to make sense: What kind of people could have died north of the wall? Some had died a long time ago, which gave them the look of an ice mummy.ROBERT SIMON, VFX CONCEPT ARTIST