Game of Thrones 5

Time: 2014
Client: HBO / Fire and Blood Productions

Our mission for season 5 was to increase creative flexibility and control, while simultaneously tackling shots that were more complex than anything this show had produced thus far. We accomplished by designing places like “Daznak’s Fighting Pit” or “Winterfell” as fully developed 360° environments, which could then be explored by the director in search for his perfect camera angle, but were also the basis for subsequent previz work and matte paintings.

“You wouldn’t believe how useful these 3D models were”, says VFX supervisor Joe Bauer. “It was really just ‘plug and play’ for the vendor.”


Robert Simon – VFX Concept Artist
Tobias Mannewitz – VFX Concept Artist
Henrik Bolle – VFX Concept Artist

With "Daznak's Fighting Pit", we wanted to evoke the illusion that it was part of an ancient cultural realm and heritage. For that, we were drawing upon the designs the art department had made for other sets in the same virtual city, and built a sketch of the arena in 3D. On top of that, we added texture, mood, and action by illustrative means.TOBIAS MANNEWITZ, VFX CONCEPT ARTIST
In order to portray The Dothraki Horde moving as a massive organic army, we took cues from ant swarms and bird flocks.robert simon, VFX CONCEPT ARTIST