Game of Thrones 6

Time: 2015
Client: HBO / Fire & Blood Productions

Season 6 has hit our screens and once again we got on board to be a substantial part of all VFX in the show. As always working onsite for several weeks with the VFX team in Belfast has been a great and challenging time.
Besides new locations we further explored Mereen City, had encounters with White Walkers and the grand finale, marked by the “Battle of Bastards” and the events in Kings Landing.


Robert Simon – VFX Concept Artist
Floris Didden – VFX Concept Artist
Tobias Mannewitz – VFX Concept Artist

As a starting point for the Battle of the Bastards, we studied historical battle depictions of the previous centuries. And then we exaggerated it in any way possible. It shows the human kind at it's worst...Robert Simon, VFX Concept Artist
For the sixth year now the fine artists of Karakter have helped to define the worlds of Game of Thrones in magnificent scope and detail. Their imagination and great talent shines through the show's most memorable visual effects sequences.Joseph Bauer, Lead VFX Supervisor HBO - Game of Thrones
As we had not seen Old Town before it was double important for me to hit all the established points we did have. The layout was inspired by the radial city plan of Amsterdam, with Old Town's many canals circling the spoke of the Hightower.Floris Didden, VFX Concept Artist
The Maesters of Westeros are the most scientific people in a world of backwardness and I wanted the architecture of the Citadel to reflect this fact: ordered, radially symmetrical and highly sophisticated with complex mechanisms reflecting the light of reason through a cavern of gloomy ignorance.Floris Didden, VFX Concept Artist