Game of Thrones 2

Time: 2011
Client: HBO / Fire and Blood Productions

Summary: Game of Thrones’ second season was our first. Brought on board by industry veterans Steve Kullback and Rainer Gombos, we singlehandedly provided concept art for the majority of all VFX shots.
The great teams picking up on our designs took the shots to the finish line. Together, we were able to produce visuals that still make all of us proud.

"The concept work for Game of Thrones rocked the house. Beautiful design, that just nailed it."­Steve Kullback, VFX Producer HBO - Game of Thrones
"An unassuming backdrop sketch, designed to let Peter Dinklage's acting stand out, rather than overpowering it."Tobias Mannewitz, Creative Director KARAKTER
"Some designs had to be done really quickly,
like this sketch of the destroyed throne room."Tobias Mannewitz, Creative Director KARAKTER