Time: 2014
Client: Guerrilla Games

The Bandits are one of the few truly game inspired elements of Horizon: Zero Dawn. They add human vs human fight situations to the gameplay experience in addition to the robot hunts.
To prevent our heroine Aloy to come off as a soulless serial manslayer, the Bandits had to be painted in sinister, truly evil colors. In spite of this one-dimensional characterization, we took great care that even these baddies received a meaningful design treatment that makes them an integral part of the Horizon world.

Tobias Mannewitz – Creative Director
Floris Didden – Concept Artist
Robert Simon – Concept Artist
Dan Blomberg – Concept Artist
Adrian Wilkins – Character Designer
Tim Löchner – Character Designer
Viktor Fetsch – Character Designer
Marko Schöbel – Environment Previz Artist
Valentin Lessnerkraus – Production Coordinator
Kirill Barybin – Intern

Some machines give off fluorescent liquids. Bandits bathe in this machine blood and smear themselves with it to intimidate enemies and other gang members.Tobias Mannewitz, Creative Director Karakter
Bandits are extreme droputs: violent, psychotic ex-members of other tribes, who form murderous robber gangs.
The Bandits' design language hardly deserves its name. It's raw, dirty, and (if anything) celebrates ugliness and intimidation above anyting else.
Bandits are not builders. They conquer and squat places once inhabited by other tribes and trash it. These hellholes can be read and the spatial manifestations of their deranged psyche.Tobias Mannewitz, Creative Director Karakter
Can you discover the Oseram building underneath the junk which the Bandits have piled up on and around it?
Bandit camp scene. They erect horrid totems around their camps, sending a very clear message to trespassers.Tobias Mannewitz, Creative Director Karakter