Time: 2012-2015
Client: Guerrilla Games

The Nora tribe is the gateway to the world of ‘Horizon: Zero Dawn’. After Guerrilla Games had come up with Horizon’s visionary setting (in other words, the “what”), Karakter was to develop much of the “how” and “why” behind its human cultures. Over the course of three years, we helped Guerrilla to create the visual design of the Nora as well as the rationale behind it. Led by our intrinsic ideation process, the goal was to create a culture with a clear identity, unlike any other ever seen before.

Team Nora:
Tobias Mannewitz – Creative Direction
Christian Günther – Creative Writer
Floris Didden – Concept Artist
Viktor Jonsson – Concept Artist
Dan Blomberg – Concept Artist
Jana Schirmer – Concept Artist
Sebastian Gromann – Concept Artist
Henrik Bolle – Lead Character Designer
Andrejs Skuja – Character Designer
Viktor Fetsch – Character Designer
Ville Eriksson – Prop Designer
Tom Hiebler – Matte Painter
Meredith Rowe – Graphic Designer
Marko Schöbel – Previz Artist
Valentin Lessnerkraus – Production Coordinator
Philipp Scherer – Intern
Benjamin Schulte – Add. Concept Art

The Nora are a tribe of machine hunters. They dwell in naturally defensible hamlets. Watchtowers monitor the lands for dangerous roaming machines.Tobias Mannewitz, Creative Director Karakter
The Nora adorn themselves with hunting trophies – only that the most prestigious trophys are not organic teeth, claws or bones, but of robotic origin. Hence, the final call on the Nora design had to wait until the visual design for Horizon's machines was established.Henrik Bolle, Lead Artist Karakter
Guerrilla Games and Karakter closely collaborated on the development of the Nora history, mentality and identity. The Nora's simple, self-sufficient lifestyle, endurance, pride, meritocracy, but also obedience towards their leaders and their specific attitude towards robots and technology are all rooted in their unique history and circumstances. Thoughts on maturity rituals and ancestor worship were further developed by Guerrilla and materialized in the final game as the Proving, the All Mother, and more.