Time: 2014-2015
Client: Guerrilla Games

Team Oseram:
Tobias Mannewitz – Creative Direction
Christian Günther – Creative Writer
Floris Didden – Concept Artist
Dan Blomberg – Concept Artist
Viktor Jonsson – Concept Artist
Marko Schöbel – Previz Artist
Henrik Bolle – Lead Character Designer
Viktor Fetsch – Character Designer
Adrian Wilkins – Character Designer
Andrejs Skuja – Character Designer
Tim Löchner – Characte Designer
Ville Eriksson – Prop Designer
Sven Sauer – Matte Painter
Tom Hiebler – Matte Painter
Meredith Rowe – Graphic Designer
Knuth Möde – Technical Artist
Valentin Lessnerkraus – Production Coordinator
Philipp Scherer – Concept Artist
Kirill Barybin – Intern

The Oseram have a high need for timber and charcoal, to power their machines. As the northern coniferous forests recuperate slower than the Oseram cut them down, their settlements are surrounded by barren heathland.
The origin of the Oseram architecture lies in small round huts built from wood or stone. They are still being erected to form small camps for charburners and lumbermen. Over the course of the centuries, this simple building type evolved into a more complex style.Tobias Mannewitz, Creative Director Karakter
Sketches and previz blockouts from the creative development phase
The Oseram are organized in clans, who often quarrel amongst each other. Using patterns, colors and symbols, the clans have developed somewhat heraldic means of displaying their identity towards other Oseram and other tribes.Tobias Mannewitz, Creative Director Karakter