Killzone Shadow Fall

Time: 2011-2013
Client: Guerrilla Games

After a brief break following Killzone 3, Guerrilla brought us back in to shape Killzone Shadow Fall. This time it the focus was on the ISA home planet “Vekta” and its capital. We delved deep into the development of vehicles, space stations and a variety of previz work for Multiplayer and also Singleplayer levels.

It was a great experience to once again work closely with Guerrilla’s great team and push our 2D/3D work flow to make some cutting edge industrial realism.


Mike Hill – Concept Artist
Floris Didden – Concept Artist
Henrik Bolle – Concept Artist
Viktor Jonsson – Concept Artist
Dan Blomberg – Concept Artist

Karakter has that quality and depth in their design work that is hard to find. Over the past years we have worked together, Karakter has been a reliable and great contributor in our epic quest to always push for the best designs and awesome looks out there. And they are a great bunch of guys, now try to beat that.Roy Postma, Art Direction for Killzone Shadow Fall, Guerrilla-Games
With the PS4's raw power, we could focus on increasing the quality for all the world's designs - from hero vehicles to low level building blocks; A dream situation for any designer.Mike Hill, Concept Artist
These commercial delivery drones populate the sky over Vekta city and make conventional transport on the ground completely obsolete.Henrik Bolle, Concept Artist
One of many speedpaintings for Vekta city. In this case, capturing the scale and utopian mood for the ISA quarters.Henrik Bolle, Concept Artist