Time: 2010-2012
Client: Crytek

Karakter was brought on board to provide Art Direction and Concept Art during the inception of the Xbox One launch title: Ryse, Son of Rome.

Working directly with the team at Crytek Budapest, Karakter created a comprehensive style guide for the production team to guarantee consistent visual excellence.

To illustrate the principles of this style guide a series of inspirational paintings and concept artworks were produced to fuel the development of the game.

We are proud to have contributed to this visually stunning title!


Tobias Mannewitz – Art Director
Floris Didden – Concept Artist
Henrik Bolle – Concept Artist
Karl Kopinski – Production Artist
Steven Bagatzky – Concept Artist

At this point during development, the forest of Glott's Hop was thought of as a snowy environment. Britannia was defined by a blue color scheme.Tobias Mannewitz, Creative Director KARAKTER
We used the historical reality of the Picts and then tailored designs to amplify the superstitious horror that a Roman may have felt while encountering them.Floris Didden, Concept Artist KARAKTER
We envisioned Rome as the capital of an imposing empire. It's skyline had to feel iconic, yet believable and historically plausible. We set the light to be cold as steel, combined with the red tones of brick and military garments.Tobias Mannewitz, Creative Director KARAKTER
The lower class district of Rome should feel claustrophobic, gritty and undignified for anyone living there. A great artistic playground for mood, composition and shapes. Henrik Bolle, Concept Artist KARAKTER
At this point during development, the emperor was thought of as a cold hearted, power hungry technocrat. His palace reflected these uncomfortable qualities. Eventually, the emperor developed into a more luxurious, lavish character.Tobias Mannewitz, Creative Director KARAKTER
Numerous character and prop designs became obsolete or were changed drastically as the story was forged into it's final shape. Thanks to Crytek for allowing us to show these early designs.Tobias Mannewitz, Creative Director KARAKTER