Black ops IV


Following up Black Ops III, we redesigned all existing characters and came up with several brand new ones along with vehicles for Black Ops IV. Treyarch gave us free realm to explore the style and even level of detail / execution. Working in a lot of modified real life references like “off the shelf” tactical gear, we carefully established a more relatable visual.

Interesting enough, it became obvious now that our approach has become outdated quickly. 3D full body scans on client site will make elaborate paints such as these redundant in the near future. In case realism is the goal.


Henrik Bolle – Creative Director
Kirill Barybin – Lead Designer

Adrian Wilkins – Concept Designer
Benjamin Schulte – Concept Designer
Igino – Concept Designer
Johannes Figlhuber – Concept Designer
Josef Stängl – Concept Designer

Philipp Scherer – Concept Designer
Sara Han – Concept Designer
Till Holder – Concept Designer
Viktor Fetsch – Concept Designer

Lucas Bellet – Graphic Designer
Munise Sertel – Tattoo Artist


„A partnership is the way I prefer to describe Treyarch’s experience working with Karakter, because Karakter had the passion and professionalism to challenge us and push even what our initial direction required and help us take it to a level we did not consider before. It was a true creative process, that focused on serving the purpose of the story, and answering the “why” something was designed in a particular way. I wouldn’t have it any other way. The team of Artists at Karakter are truly special. I hope to continue to work with Karakter on any future projects.“







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