2017 – 2020 / GUERRILLA • SIEE

Horizon Forbidden West represents the biggest project we have worked on in terms of scope and team size.

Joining Guerrilla as an external look dev partner during the early preproduction phase, we helped to design the iconic look of the Utaru, two Tenakth tribes, the Quen, numerous pivotal locations as well as dozens of Aloy costumes.

Tobias Mannewitz – Design Director
Christian Günther – Writer
Valentin Lessnerkraus – Producer
Robert Auls – Associate Producer
Henrik Bolle – Lead Concept Designer
Andrei Kurylovich – Concept Designer
Christian Reiske – Concept Designer
Christoph Stryczek – Concept Designer
Even Amundsen – Concept Designer
Leo Eberding – Concept Designer
Jens Fiedler – Concept Designer
Jonas Ellermann – Concept Designer
Kevin Goeke – Concept Designer
Knuth Möde – Concept Designer
Robert Simon – Concept Designer
Sara Han – Concept Designer
Floris Didden – Lead Production Illustrator

Daniel Alekow – Production Illustrator
Greg Rutkowski – Production Illustrator
Magnus Schramm – Prop Designer
Ricardo Lima – Prop Designer
Aleksandras Akstinas – Vehicle Designer
Mike Hill – Vehicle Designer
Steven Bagatzky – Lead Costume Designer
Andrea Casartelli – Costume Designer
Dhaniels Castillo – Costume Designer
Eva Widermann – Costume Designer
João D. Fernandes – Costume Designer
Luise Stolze – Costume Designer
Viktor Fetsch – Costume Designer
Susanne Dorn – Costume Design Assistant
Adrian Wilkins – Principal Character Designer
Tim Löchner – Character Designer
Dan Blomberg – Lead Environment Designer

Nils Carstens – Lead Environment Designer
Alex J. Brady – Environment Designer
Benjamin Schulte – Environment Designer
Bo Zonneveld – Environment Designer
Constantin Marin – Environment Designer
Jannis Mayr – Environment Designer
Josef Stängl – Environment Designer
Maximilian Grienig – Assistant Art Director
Nick Ainsworth – Environment Designer
Paul Riebe – Environment Designer
Philipp Scherer – Environment Designer
Sven Sauer – Environment Designer
Viktor Jonsson – Environment Designer
Vilius Petrauskas – Environment Designer
Alexander Scharlach – Graphic Designer
Tom Probert – Graphic Designer



Utaru Characters

Jungle Tenakth

mountain tenakth





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